• Samarbetspartner till kompletta Elsystem

    Trust and cooperation!

    Many of our customers has given us the trust to be their partner, letting us deliver complete electrical systems or sub-systems.
  • Elektronik Electrum Automation AB

    We take care of the electronics!

    We develop electronics for both construction and industrial applications. Are you in need for a rational automated test equipment too?
  • Gears for reparation | Electrum Automation AB

    When malfunctions occur... 

    ... Equipment can break. We can have it up and running again!
  • Worker assembles electrical parts | Electrum Automation AB

    Our serial production facility!

    Final assembly and serial production is mainly done in our production facility. Electrical equipment for prototypes are also done here.
  • Design of circuit boards | Electrum Automation AB

    Not just prefabrications!

    Some systems demands a little more. We develop the electronics needed, so that you will have the best end result possible!
  • Knobs | Electrum Automation AB

    We are at our best...

    ... When we can give advice and participate from the start-up of a project and additionally deliver a turnkey solution.
  • Elmotorstyrningar Electrum AB

    Leaders in traction control

    In order to guarantee our customers the best solutions, we cooperate with leading suppliers within battery operated equipment.
  • Smiling happy worker | Electrum Automation AB

    Your next innovation partner?

    With short and quick decision paths, strong engagement and a high level of innovation, we are more than happy to be your next innovation partner in your next project.
  • Circuit board close up | Electrum Automation AB

    Need the right components? 

    We have knowledge and can help you with all about choosing the right materials and components.
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