Electrum has received an order worth approximately 30 million SEK from BAE Systems Hägglunds. The order concerns the development and manufacturing of a driver control handle for the upcoming production of CV90 for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“We are pleased with the continued collaboration with Electrum for the new projects. We have successfully completed a development program together and are now looking forward to commencing deliveries,” says Wim Eikelboom, Purchasing Manager at BAE Systems Hägglunds.

The project began with a feasibility study conducted in 2023, resulting in the delivery of three concepts, all with entirely new ergonomics and expanded functionality compared to the current solution. The concepts were refined, and a primary track was chosen after a joint workshop as the basis for final design and functionality. Since we previously also developed the control handle for the weapon system, it was natural to inherit elements from that design into this product as well.

“The project has been stimulating and has truly put our innovation capabilities and our strive to exceed customer expectations to the test,” says Thomas Moström, Construction Manager at Electrum.

According to the agreement, Electrum is to support the product with maintenance and spare parts for a period of 30 years.