Climate chamber

We have purchased an RF shielded climate chamber in order to simulate the dynamic temperature range which the majority of our products are exposed to. The climate chamber is capable of cooling/heating between -40°C to +85°C. Alongside the climate chamber is a Hardware In Loop test rig. By using the HIL rig we can [...]

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Mjukvaruutvecklare embedded sökes

Mjukvaruutvecklare med känsla för kvalitet.Med både lokal och global kundbas utvecklar vi lösningar för styrning av kunders maskiner.Vi söker nu en mjukvaruutvecklare som gärna är med från första mötet med kund till test och leverans av nya produkter och lösningar.Vi tror att du utvecklat embedded-mjukvara några år och har fått erfarenhet av utvecklingsmetoder för att [...]

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CAN interface for EN ISO 13849-1 PL:d

We received an order to develop a customized solution to act as a signal interface between analog signals to CAN-bus. This product is a highly compact unit with all features in hard & software features to perform in a performance level d safety system. Contact us if you would like to discuss customized machine control [...]

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New website!

The last few weeks we have been working on a new platform for our website. The goal with this migration is to upgrade the performance for mobile devices, and to get a simpler and more straightforward navigation. We know we have some detail work left to do, but we hope you find our new home [...]

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