WCB-LE – Wireless CAN-bus to Wi-Fi module (Limited Edition)

The WCB-LE is a lightweight version of the regular WCB module. This version is designed with the main focus of being able to create a wireless CAN-bus bridge. It’s suitable for implementations where a CAN wire connection is impossible or disadvantageous. The WCB-LE has no web server functionality, meaning you can not monitor, administrate or get remote access to it through a web browser.

If you are in need of this functionality, you should look towards the regular WCB module. If you are looking for documentation you may use the same full user manual as for the regular WCB, but skip the parts about the web server functionality. The quick guide gives you an easy overview of the WCB-LE and how to set-up a wireless bridge.

WCB-LE by Electrum Automation
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