VDM12, controlling up to 12 proportional hydraulic valves

The VDM12, Valve Driver Module, is a slave module in a CAN bus system, controlling proportional hydraulic valves, collecting sensor signals on mobile or stationary machinery. It is perfectly suited for harsh environments and designed for direct assembly onto a hydraulic valve block.
The module communicates with CAN bus systems using the CANopen protocol(1).
The VDM safety hardware and embedded SW is designed according to ISO 13849-1, performance level D, Category 3.

The VDM12 distingues itself by its high speed regulation and low regulator error when operating proportional control valves. This enables the usage in low latency closed loop applications for autonomous hydraulic functions.
Multiple identical VDM12 units can be arranged on the same bus with only a resistor in the mating connector which configures the node-id of the VDM12 unit.

(1) The CANopen version is not suitable for safety applications due to limitations in the native design of CANopen

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