Complete electrical systems

With more than 30 years in this business, the knowhow that we possess today gives you as our customer the best possible innovation partner.

Through the years, many diverse assignments has been made, developing both hardware and software solutions. Spanning from electrical systems to battery powered scissor lifts, concrete and ash blending stations, steering controls for forest machinery, control systems for hydraulics in diggers. We have also developed complete electrical systems for cone and seed handling, and even handling equipment for industrial robots. Some of them can be found in our reference page.

Today, we deliver more complex projects as:

  • Complete electrical systems for mobile crushers
  • Production drawings for the aircraft industry
  • Test systems for program development in steering control for mobile use
  • Risk analysis and control software for machines with high standards of personal safety (EN ISO 13849-1)

Electronics in demanding environments

One of the driving forces in the demand for environmental robust hardware and software solutions is distributed installation. Meaning that electronic often has to be placed in a highly demanding environment.

We have the electronic design knowledge and sourcing capabilities to meet theese requirements. We could also assist in  designing the mechanics for the housing.

Development tools

We develop products, which often involves both mechanical and electrical designs.

We use 3D cad and Autodesk inventor for mechanical design and visualisation. Wiring diagrams is created in Autocad electrical. PCB’s are created with Altium designer. Our product structure and article database is all in our MRP system Pyramid.

Want to know more?

My name is Thomas Moström. Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding electrical systems.

Thomas Moström, R&D and marketing manager Electrum Automation. Hardware and software development

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