Electrum Automation AB is constantly following the news which follows from the Corona (Covid-19) and are working proactively with preparing for different scenarios.
The purpose of this is to ensure the health of our staff while ensuring that our customers need for products and knowledge are being fulfilled.

We are thoroughly following the progress in Sweden as well as the keeping an eye on the global situtation, and we will continue to follow the guidelines stipulated by the Swedish government.

  • At this very moment we don’t see any alarming shortage of components in our supply chain as a result of the Corona disease
  • We have cancelled all trips abroad
  • We only perform customer visits when it is crucial that the meeting takes place on site. In this case we follow the guidelines set by the host
  • We will not be participating in fairs or seminars

Our entire staff is doing their utmost to ensure that our business is functioning despite of the unfortunate circumstances.
We hope and belive that we together with our customers will continue our cooperation and are doing everything in our power making sure that we supply you with the products you need for keeping your production running.

We thank for you your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Thomas Moström