WCB Files

WCB Library

WCB Library is a .zip file containing five different resources:

libWCB_Library.a  (.c static library for use in CooCox CoIDE)

wcb_file_systemX.X.X.fsys (Compressed version of the default file system)

wcb_main_programX.X.X.mprog  (Compressed version of the main program)

WCB_Template folder  (CooCox CoIDE template project)

File_System folder  (Default file system resources)

Release date | File name

2013-10-20 | WCB Library 1.0.0.rar

2014-02-14 | WCB Library 1.0.1.rar

2015-06-15 | WCB Library 2.0.0.rar

2015-07-01 | WCB Library 2.0.1.rar

2015-08-26 | WCB Library 2.0.3.rar

2015-11-02 | WCB Library 2.0.5.rar

2016-03-04 | WCB Library 2.0.6.rar

2016-09-15 | WCB Library 2.0.13.rar

2017-06-19 | WCB Library 2.0.19.rar

2017-12-04 | WCB Library 2.0.22.rar

WCB Programmer

WCB programmer is used to create a file system (.fsys file) from a folder path. The WCB programmer can also be used to automatically program and scan for WCB modules if the PC is equipped with a Wi-Fi network card.

Please note that WCB Programmer must be run as administrator.

Release date | File name | Compatible with WCB Library

2013-10-20 | WCB Programmer | 1.X.X

2014-05-09 | WCB Programmer | 1.X.X

2014-08-21 | WCB Programmer | 1.X.X

2015-06-17 | WCB Programmer | 2.X.X

2015-07-01 | WCB Programmer | 2.X.X

2015-08-05 | WCB Programmer | 2.X.X

2016-08-16 | WCB Programmer | 2.X.X

2017-06-19 | WCB Programmer | 2.X.X

WCB CooCox installation

A document which describes the installation procedure of CooCox which is required in order to create custom firmware for the WCB module.

Release date | File name


A .bin file which is used in order to restore the default firmware through the CAN bootloader.

This file is supplied to be used as a last resort if a WCB is accidently loaded with a faulty firmware.

Release date | File name