UIU – CAN/USB I/O slave

The UIU uses a powerful 32Bit Cortex M4 CPU and has a large amount of I/O’s. It can communicate through a CAN-bus or a galvanically isolated USB (serial ports profile). The CANopen protocol is standard, other customized CAN protocols are available on request. RS232 or RS485 is also possible. You can use the Monitoring Tool to monitor the digital/analog input/output state over USB.

  • 75 Digital inputs
  • 20 Analog inputs 0-5V 12Bit
  • 2 Analog inputs 0-20mA 12Bit
  • 14 Digital outputs 3A
  • 2 Digital outputs 7A
  • 4 Digital PWM outputs 3A max 3kHz
UIU by Electrum Automation
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