SCM, The neat way to get a lot of safety inputs to your  CAN-bus master controller.

The SCM is responsible for sampling analog and digital data from various sensors and switches and presenting the data on the CAN-bus in a safe manner.
The compact 95x50mm board to board module holds over 70 I/O pins
The integrator may use the SCM for collection of both safety and non-safety analog/digital signals.
Non-safety signals can be connected to any free input/output pin, whilst safety related signals must be connected in a redundant manner.
Standard CAN protocol is 29 bit J1939 based with additional safety measures, other protocols are available on request.
It is ideal for PLd using a Category 3 HW structure.

Popular applications include:

  • Armrest assemblies
  • Joystick assemblies
  • Dash panels
  • Remote controls

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Emic-7, hand grips joystick
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