It is now a few months since we invested in a 3D printer, we chose the Form-2 SLA printer from formlabs.
It has really been an asset in our product design process, to be able to start a print in the evening and evaluate the result with physical parts the morning after.

This is really speeding things up.

You might think that 3D printed parts are only fragile imitations of what is supposed to be the final part. This is not the case!

For production models we normally use the “tough” resin that is comparable with ABS plastic and can be printed with a layer resolution down to 0,05mm

It took a bit of time and some failures to learn how to setup the support-structures that the printer needs during the process, but as a summary I would say that this is really is a great tool for closing the loop from the 3D CAD to real world objects, helping us move forward and get internal or customer feedback on functional samples.

/ Thomas Moström